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Fireplace stove CAPRI Ecodesign

Fireplace stove CAPRI Ecodesign

The PANADERO Capri 3V Fireplace stove is a wood-burning that incorporates an element triple panoramic view of the fire .

This heating system has a three-sided glass-ceramic that withstands up to 750 ºC.

In addition, it is a stove with high thermal resistance , enamelled with anti-heat paint.

You can use the lower hole as a woodshed.

Its overall measurements are 69.5 x 64 x 39.3 cm (height, width, depth) and its weight is 93 kg. The diameter of the vertical flue pipe is 150-153 mm.

Meets the requirements of the future Ecodesign 2022 regulation.

It is a ecological stove high performance (82.9%) that emits low CO2 (0.07%).

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